Medicare Set-Asides

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) developed a process to ensure compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute (“MSP”) when claims are settled. The MSA process has added another layer that the parties must address when resolving claims. First Review’s goal is to facilitate the most cost-effective, timely, and fair MSA Allocations for all parties. To ensure compliance with the MSP and to allow for the most economical Allocations, First Review brings together a unique blend of legal, medical, and insurance expertise to provide both pre-settlement and post-settlement Medicare Set-Aside services.

Draft MSA Allocation reports are prepared with input from a variety of experts, in conjunction with guidelines recommended by CMS.  Working together throughout the MSA process with the parties to the settlement is essential and serves to elicit more accurate MSA Allocation reports.  No MSA Allocation will be submitted to CMS for a Determination without specific authority from the client. Our process is designed with quick, simple and expert document delivery inclusive with appropriate follow-up that saves our client’s time and money. You can trust our work product, because our expertise has been documented.

Contact us and we will deliver a personalized Medicare Set-Aside Allocation report for you and your client.